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December 15, 2016

One Million Trees – A role model for our survival


Today, our workers in Mexico planted the millionth tree for Plant-for-the-Planet. If our tree-planting model was copied the world over, we would easily be able to plant 1,000 billion trees by 2020!

Two years ago the forest was degraded land and the trees had been chopped down. Today one million small trees are growing on it. Some of them are already taller than our workers and are steadily storing the deadly greenhouse gas CO2.

When we first saw this land near Constitución in the Mexican state of Campeche we were sad: a previous investor had chopped down the trees and subsequently abandoned it. Within one year, we have created a CO2 storage facility from this land which is essential for our survival and is now a living space for many species and renewable resources for the local people. “One million trees will absorb 10 million kilograms of CO2 per year and therefore fight climate crisis”, explained Raul Negrete Cetina, President of Plant-for-the-Planet A.C. in Mexico. “78 workers in Constitución are cultivating eight different tree species, on average planting 5,500 trees per day and are taking care of the trees. 94 percent of the planted trees survive – that’s more than four times higher than the average survival rate in Campeche. This is only possible thanks to our excellent team of workers” he adds.


78 workers have planted one million trees within 12 months. At the end of 2020, our team will have planted 10 million trees. “Imagine if 100,000 organizations, companies or persons used our afforestation project as a role model. Then 1,000 billion trees could be planted by 2020! These additional trees would absorb one quarter of the CO2 emissions caused by us humans,” said Felix, who initiated Plant-for-the-Planet at the age of nine.

Plant-for-the-Planet is very happy to have managed to create a growing and healthy forest, which is providing jobs for local people. By planting the millionth tree, the foundation can now show that such a large and successful afforestation project is possible. Planting trees is the cheapest way to absorb carbon. Planting one tree costs just one euro.




Are you still searching for a Christmas present? How about a tree voucher? For 20 euros, we plant 20 trees in Mexico! Are you interested in further information? Please take a look at our photos and video:


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