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April 1, 2021
Sagar Aryal

Introducing Widgets: Showcase Your Planting Progress on the Web

Today we are very excited to share the new generation of Plant-for-the-Planet Widgets. You can now create and customize your personal tree tracker, powered by Plant-for-the-Planet. These new widgets rely on basic HTML tags, are easily customizable, and are designed for simplicity. As we recently re-designed our web-app with a map in its core, we tried to bring our widgets the same experience.

As a Plant-for-the-Planet Trillion Tree Campaign user, you can choose from two widgets
1.  TreeMap, it shows all the places where your trees are on a world map.

2. TreeProfile which shows your progress towards your tree goal.

Both widgets come with a button that allows your fans/community to join you and support you to reach that goal.

Creating a Widget
To make it easier to create the widgets, we have added an option next to your profile’s gear icon. If your profile is not marked public, you’ll need to set it public so that the widgets can retrieve data about your profile.

Option to create widget within account settings

Once the widget is previewed, you can copy the HTML code directly from the widget landing page.

Info: Setting a public profile does not reveal sensitive data, e.g., email, phone number, or your address. However, it will allow us to display your full name in the Plant-for-the-Planet Application and APIs for tree counting purposes.

The widgets work with all apps maintained by Plant-for-the-Planet. Whether you are coming from Salesforce Tree Tracker, Lacoqueta Kids you can create your widgets.  

Companies and Partners who use white-labeled apps can also get the widgets that point directly to the apps’ white-labeled version. Partners with Logo license from Plant-for-the-Planet will have the logo visible on the widgets.

Further, campaigns like SAT.1 Waldrekord Woche or Salesforce 100 Million Goal can also showcase their leaderboard using the Tenant Leaderboard Widgets.

The Widgets currently come in dark and light variants, currently supports German and English, and supports color customizations using HTML properties. If you have an idea or want to contribute a theme, please create a pull request on our codebase.

Plant-for-the-Planet Widgets are programmed using Svelte and deployed to Cloudflare Pages so they are blazing fast wherever you are. To keep you up to date, the widgets refresh every few seconds giving you the latest counts without you having to refresh the whole page.

Log In to your Plant-for-the-Planet Account to start using the widgets today.