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Two Italian Entrepreneurs Pledge 2 Million Trees

When Felix and friends finished their presentation in Rome, Felix asked Antonio Rainone, President of Anter, to come to the stage. So far the agreement between Felix and the organizers. Felix then asked the audience to take out pen and business card and write down the amount of trees they want to pledge until 2020 on the back side of the business card.

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Felix asked Antonio how many trees he was willing to pledge. In the meantime, there had been already more than 5.000 trees pledged by the audience. Antonio took Felix’ pen and Felix’ business card and wrote a number on the back side. Antonio then called Francesco D’Antini, President of NWG to the stage. Antonio wrote another number on the same card.

When Felix tried to read the pledge, he first could not believe what he saw: A pledge of 2 million trees.

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These 2 million additional trees will absorb 20,000 tons of carbon dioxide every year. This pledge was signed by Antonio and Francesco. Thank you to all NWG-partners for this exemplary pledge.

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Felix and his father carried more than 250 kg of books, chocolate and flyers to Rome. At the exit at one our booths, the visitors could get the book Arbole per Arbole and a bar of change chocolate by handing over the change business card.

NWG is also an exemplary company: NWG is promoting green energy, e-mobility and energy saving: In one word, they are selling sustainability, by selling photovoltaic, e-bicycles, e-motorbikes, e-cars and products to reduce energy-consumption.


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