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September 24, 2013

Ambassadors Join Forces with 350.org

Michael Foster, who organised Seattle’s first Plant-for-the-Planet Academy, was full of praise for USA’s newest Ambassadors after they presented at 350.org’s “Draw the Line” event in Seattle on Saturday, 21st September, 2013.

Writing to all those who helped make the event possible, Michael wrote:

“Thank you for an amazing day. From my heart, thanks. The children made yesterday’s 350 Draw The Line event beautiful and meaningful. As Phil Lane Jr asked, “What does your sign say?” Logan, the littlest in the group, bravely spoke into the mic, “Save Muver Earf…” That’s why we need Ambassadors.


Our young speakers gave people a reason to care, to act, simply and undeniably compelling…Every speaker on the podium brought the point home; we are stealing the future from our children, and it is for them we must change ourselves and change our world. And speaking so clearly, our children gave us a voice of future generations we can love…Climate Justice Ambassadors made a nationally significant event into a personal and spiritual moment for hundreds of people. And announced our plan to solve this crisis. 1,000 billion trees need to go into the ground by 2020…


Every person who spoke to me said the kids were the favorite part of the day! And you know they mean it from the big beautiful smiles spreading across their faces as they talk about our Ambassadors. Some people were laughing with joy as they tried to find words for what the children added, “Amazing clarity!” “So moving” “grounded the whole day” “Best presentation on climate ever” “hopeful” “this should be in every school” “how can a regular person help?” Every single one felt incredulous, moved, and most importantly inspired. Every one of our children who spoke yesterday can be proud to know they stood up for the most important cause on earth. Thank you.


We made a difference to so many people. Thank you.”


For more about 350.org’s event in Seattle, you can also read Michael’s blog entry on www.climatechangeforfamilies.com (written by John Crapper).



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