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Our Chocolate is on its way to space

ImageA year ago Plant-for-the-Planet started “The Change Chocolate” in Germany (die Gute Schokolade): carbon neutral and fair trade certified. Produced in Switzerland, it tastes just delicious. Within less than a year, 1 million bars of the chocolate have been sold in Germany and it became one of the most sold fairtrade chocolates.

Now the chocolate is on its way into the chocosphere.

How did this happen? Well, some team members of the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation developed the idea during their lunch break a couple of weeks ago. As they chatted, it emerged that Gisela’s boyfriend was working at the European Space Station in Kourou preparing for the launch of the Ariana 5 space rocket. At that moment it clicked. If you were shooting supplies out the stratosphere anyway, maybe, just maybe, “The Change Chocolate” could fly with it to create attention to the strong message of the children!? And it worked! ESA called the idea in their blogpost: “A good chocolate for a good cause” 

Before departure the crew planted a tree. Now the crew has entered the ATV. Let’s hope they find and like our chocolate. 

Read how exactly it came about and spread the word: www.into-the-chocosphere.org or become a fan on facebook where we will keep you up-to-date with further developments.

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(Photos: Plant-for-the-Planet and ESA Events)

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