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November 29, 2013

The children of Nepal want action – 40 new Climate Justice Ambassadors in Nepal’s first Academy

Global Youth Board member Abhisekh organized Nepal’s first Academy himself with the assistance from Integrated Effort for Development (IED), the Rotary Club of Dhulikhel and Dhulikhel Municipality. The Academy took place in Dhulikel on 27 November 2012 – the children of Plant-for-the-Planet welcome the 40 new Climate Justice Ambassadors who took part!

Abhisekh declared: “Nepal stands fourth in the impact of climate change. It has been getting the punishment of crime which it hasn’t committed. Climate change and global warming are adversely affecting the socio-economic of the people of Nepal due to climate change. At the same time the deforestation are very much rapid in Nepal contributing to the global warming and climate change…But we can do small thing to minimize the great problem if we act.…”



As this was Nepal’s very first Academy, there was some anxiousness before the Academy took place, and little or no funds were available from government offices, despite their enthusiasm for the project. Even Abhisekh was surprised by the outcome of the Academy, “The academy was more successful than we thought. Students are found more conscious in environment so we can make the Stop Talking Start Planting Campaign more effectively in Nepal. We can form Plant-for-the-Planet Clubs in Nepal very easily. Media were found very friendly. They will support our campaign in Nepal.”

The Acadamy attracted much interest and was even broadcasted on Araniko Televison , and the Climate Justice Ambassadors were interviewed. The 40 new Climate Justice Ambassadors left empowered and very positive.


Mr.Ganesh Roy, the Chief District Forest Officer of Kavre and  Mr.Ranjeev Shrestha, President of IED Nepal also held up Plant-for-the-Planet T-shirts as a show of support for the work of the children. The co-moderators were Mr.Sanchan Bhaila,Mrs Nandu Kumari Maharjan and Mrs.Beekita Prakash from IED Nepal.

The children empower each other at Plant-for-the-Planet Academies and at the end are appointed Ambassadors for Climate Justice. The Academies are only possible thanks to donations. Help more children to get active like the 40 new Ambassadors for Climate Justice in Nepal. Every little amount counts. You can donate here.

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