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Chocolate stand – Bon appétit!

What could be better than “Die gute Schokolade”? A free “Die gute Schokolade”!

Under this motto, the chocolate stand was set up in the Edeka branch in Tutzing on 30.09.2021, right next to the regular sales point for “Die gute Schokolade”, which is an integral part of the product range in the Edeka.

“Die gute Schokolade” in the Edeka

The occasion was the 10th birthday of the Edeka branch, which is located directly below the Plant-for-the-Planet office. To celebrate the day, a chocolate stand was set up in the Edeka, which was supervised by the FÖJ students from Tutzing and Hamburg.

Our FÖJ student Marleen at the Chocolate stand

In addition to a free chocolate bar, interested customers received information flyers and brochures at the stand. Furthermore, they could learn about Plant-for-the-Planet, our mission and our goals by talking to the FÖJ students. Especially the concept of good chocolate was explained in detail, so that numerous chocolate bars could not only be given away, but also sold.

In less than six hours, more than 400 people could be made happy with a free chocolate bar and inspired for Plant-for-the-Planet. Bon appétit!

Click on this link in order to buy “Die gute Schokoade”: