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Top Projects on the Plant-for-the-Planet Platform – Remove to Revamp

Though mentioned last on our list of 10 Principles, it’s definitely not the least: On our journey towards evidence-based restoration, we follow the latest research. This means that we remain curious, continuously learn and constantly improve our work. We also take all the restoration projects represented on the platform with us on this journey.

With this in mind, the next stop on our journey is a new and improved approach to our list of top projects.

If you’ve been to our platform before, you may have noticed that in addition to the full list of 200+ projects, we also showed a shorter list with a selection of projects. This is because we all know how it feels to be overwhelmed by too many options. (This phenomenon, by the way, is called “the Paradox of Choice”, in case you’re curious and want to learn more about it).

We want to make your visit to our site and the donation process as successful and easy as possible.

So we’ve used the shorter list to shine a light on great projects in an ever-changing rotation, so that many projects can benefit from this extra attention. That sounds like a sensible idea, right? So why did we remove it? Because we’re working on an even better version! As we said at the beginning, we are all about evidence-based recommendations.

When our science team developed our Standards for Forest Restoration Projects, they didn’t just define the minimum standards that projects must meet to be on our platform. They also defined what it takes to be a top project. Now we need to put that into action, which will take some time.

Until then, we would like to show you all the projects on the platform in the same way – with just one list. You can already read what makes each project special in the project descriptions.

Stay tuned!

P.S. We all want to get better at forest restoration together. To this end, we will slowly adjust the standards upwards over the next few years.