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September 7, 2023

Two succesfull Academies in Nigeria in June to welcome new Climate Justice Ambassadors

Oluwaseyi Olawuyi coordianated two academies in Nigeria with the help from the Climate Justice Ambassador Darasimi Damilare

The two academies took place at the Lagelu Grammar School Hall and the YAGOS School Hall on the 10th and 30th of June, respectively. In total we can welcome 86 new Climate Justice Ambassadors from different junior and senior schools in our network.

The Climate Justice Ambassador, Darasimi Damilare, handled the presentations a theme: ‘Now We Children Save the World’. The lectures touched the following areas:  Causes of climate crisis, effects, solutions, greenhouses gases, CO₂, climate justice, renewable energies and more about Climate Justice Ambassadors and Plant-for-the-Planet’s activities, etc. The program coordinator: Oluwaseyi Olawuyi (Prince) contributed more to the presentations by explaining some technical terms to the participants and answering a few questions. Questions by the students include: What type of trees can we plant in our region?  How best can we reduce usage of fossil fuels? Isn’t it difficult for African countries to stop using fossil fuels, etc.?

The students who participated were involved in a World Game that demonstrated how countries produce CO₂ emissions and the related issues. In order to take action and speak up for their future, the children need good presentation and speaking skills. Participants were divided into four different groups for rhetoric training, during which each group deliberated on various major topical issues. The groups discussed how they can use media to promote Climate Justice Ambassadors in Nigeria. The team also discussed the formation of clubs in their respective schools and how they can improve tree planting activities. The groups were pleased to present the outcomes of their deliberations.

World Game Lagelu Grammar School Hall
Lively considerations at the world game

During the groups’ presentations some outstanding students who were eloquent and comport themselves excellently were identified.

During the tree planting session, participants were instructed on how to plant trees, the significance of tree planting, the optimal timing for planting, and the fundamental importance of tree cultivation. The participants expressed their enthusiasm for engaging in tree planting activities and were delighted to take part. As part of the tree planting demonstration, they successfully planted 10 Cashew and Pear tree seedlings, as well as 5 Mango tree seedlings.

Tree planting exercise at the YAGOS School Hall academy
The new Climate Justice Ambassadors planting their first tree

The participants were happy to share what they have gained during the academie. The participating teachers also shared their views. In his closing remarks, the program coordinator Oluwaseyi Olawuyi (Prince) urged the participants to ensure that they keep promoting the concept in their various communities.

We express our sincere thanks to our friends, teachers, parents, and volunteers for their dedication in organizing the two academies. A heartfelt appreciation goes out to the members of YVE Nigeria (NGO) for their attendance at the inaugural academy on the 10th of June in the year 2023.

Do you also want to get engaged as a Climate Justice Ambassador for Plant-for-the-Planet? Contact us: akademie@plant-for-the-planet.org