August 20, 2009

Adults all over the world support the children: From Kofi Annan to Wei Wei

The conference on Human Impact of Climate Change took place this year on the 23rd and 24th of June, a conference where Felix Finkbeiner was the only child attending it. Felix used his attendance to win supporters for Plant-for-the-Planet, in personal chats with the participants but also with a public speech. Among his audience was Kofi Annan, who later referred to Felix in his speech.

Kofi Annan, Felix Finkbeiner, John Agyekum Kufuor (Primeminister of Ghana 2001-2009 ), Anote Tong (President of Kiribati)

A day later Felix was at the Tällberg Forum to present Plant-for-the-Planet there and to gain support from as many international participants as possible and inform his supporters of the latest Plant-for-the-Planet updates.

You can listen to his speech here (in English, 54 MB, Quicktime Player is required)

The member of the UNEP junior board was ready to perform and managed to recruit the famous chinese artist Wei Wei, who fully signed onto the student initiative and is not planning first events in China.

Ruthie Gospin and Felix then presented Plant-for-the-Planet at the Caux Forum at the Conference on Human Security attended by over 400 representatives from over 30 countries. The host Georffy Lean, Editor of the Daily Telegraph promised to suppport the children. Rajmohan Gandhi repeated his grandfather's famous quote: "Be the change you want to see in the world" and promisetd to also support the children. Riek Machar, Teny Dhurgon, Vicepresident of the Sudan, Moise Nyarugabo, Minister of Economy of the Congo and more followed his lead.

Prince El Hassan bin Talal, who started supporting the student initative last year, was the keynote speaker.

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