October 7, 2009

Celebrating Global Climate Week in Nepal

I had an opportunity to attend the last UNEP Tunza conference in Daejeon with my sister Aanchal Malla, the child delegate.

As part of saving the environment and the planet campaign Nepalese children and youth got together to celebrate the Global Climate Week and did activities mainly on the Tunza Day, 21 September. We also celebrated the International Day of Peace.

Click on the image to see the report of the events (pdf).

The same week in Nepal we all were busy celebrating our biggest festival “Dasain”. This is the time when all Nepalese from far and away come together to be with family and enjoy the togetherness.

With support from Plant-for-the-Planet we also did tree plantation programmes and distributed many tree saplings among school students to nurture every tree under their guidance. Free T-shirts were given out to all participants.

On behalf of the children and Youth of Nepal, I would like to thank each one of you for your support and we pledge to continue this effort in future.

We hope to be with UNEP, Plant-for-the-Planet, Global Marshall Plan Initiative, Unite4Climate, You Tube and other such like organizations around the globe in our journey.



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