August 28, 2009

The Promise of Daejeon

After having heard that it takes about three years to plant one million trees, children decide to shape their future. 550 future leaders out of 107 countries voted for a clear signal to today's leaders at the UNEP TUNZA International Children and Youth Conference in South Korea. The children's contribution to the world community are millions of trees.

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So far, we have the English, French, German and Spanish version of the sentence:

  • Everybody who is going to plant one million trees in their country come up on the stage!
  • Jeder, der 1 Million Bäume in seinem Land pflanzen möchte, soll auf die Bühne kommen.
  • Toute personne qui souhaite planter 1 million d'arbres dans son pays, doit monter sur scène.
  • El que quiera plantar un millon de arboles en su pais que suba al escenario.

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