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Plant-for-the-Planet Academy Arusha (Tanzania), 06 July 2011

Today we had a fantastic academy with 450 new Climate Justice Ambassadors, from 6 different schools and one Soccer Team. We have seen some very competent new students that will be able to make a great impact and manage to plant one million trees in Tanzania with many other children. When Felix asked who wants to help plant one million trees in Tanzania, everyone came to the stage.

A very interesting aspect of the Academy was that the participants where able to think of various different way in which trees are useful. For example: for food, so that it rains, for medicine, against the heat. The whole academy was taking place in a very nice natural Amphitheatre. The mascot of the school is a tortoise which took part in the founding of the school, which we were even able to ride on.

When we were packing up the catastrophe happened, the roll-up broken. At the moment we are sitting in front of a car repair and writing the Blog, while they are working to repair the roll-up. Made in Europe. Repaired in Africa.

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