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Plant-for-the-Planet Academy Zanzibar (Tanzania), 04 July 2011

Today the journey started very early, as my father set the alarm clock wrongly. This means we had to get up at 3:30 AM. One and a half hour later our Bus started towards the Harbour. The trip on the ferry took about 2 hours and just before we arrived, we could see the old Buildings from Zanzibar of the Colonial Ages. But most of them were in bad shape. In the harbour we where welcomed sincerely with music and traditional dancing. On the way to the meeting with the politician the Police Blocked the roads for us to pass throw. In front of our Mini bus was a Pick-Up with the Music Band in the black playing.


Our Academy took place between huge old trees. The lady deputy minister of education came to participate at our event, she helped to plant the first tree and of course we made photos for our campaign “Stop talking. Start planting”. Furthermore each school made plans for their future activities with plant-for-the-planet and presented them in the tree-plenary. The 420 students from 6 different schools were proud and happy about their t-shirts, books tree by tree and certificates. The best reaction came after informing that after the workshops there would be lunch.


Together we planted 1.000 trees directly at the coast of the Indian Ocean. The mayor of Zanzibar helped us to board the boat first, so we got the best spots to sleep at the top level although the boat was heavily bumping and shaking due to the waves. While entering the harbour of Dar es Salaam we were admiring the sunset.

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