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January 25, 2012

Communication à la Leagas Delaney

Felix’s wish is that he gets to do his first internship at some point in June 2013 at the Hamburg office of agency Leagas Delaney. Felix is fascinated how Hermann and his team support the children again and again with new ideas. He was just 8 years old and accompanied by his father, when Felix first sat in the Leagas Delaney agency in Hamburg und listened as the adults talked about the creative design of bookcovers. Here he experienced for the first time such a thing as a communications agency. Then a year and a half later when he founded Plant for the Planet in 2007 and needed communications support, it was clear that Felix would turn to Hermann.

Hermann then suggested the “Stop Talking Start Planting” campaign in June 2009. At first Felix’s father, Frithjof, was completely against it. “It’s impossible that covering their mouths gives a positive image. It’s disrespectful! Absolutely not!” Frithjof turned down the campaign and asked L&D for other suggestions. A week passed. Meanwhile Felix and Frithjof had often discussed it and Felix asked “Why shouldn’t we go with it?” and Frithjof finally caved in.

In October 2010 the campaign “Stop Talking Start Planting” won the Golden Effie, a kind of Oscar for communications agencies, which Hermann and Felix received in Berlin.

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Video and pictures from the Effie awards show 8th October 2010 in Berlin:


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