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April 27, 2012

First Actions to Promote our Change Chocolate

At the Chocomob there was a lot of action but have a look by your own how it worked:

Thanks a lot to Johnny from www.freebordproshop.com, who recorded this great film for free for us.

A very different kind of chocolate event took place at another shop. The children offered the customers to taste a piece of chocolate. They informed not only about the chocolate but also about Plant-for-the-Planet in general. More than 200 chocolate bars have been sold only at that day in one single shop.

Chocolate tasting event at Tengelmann shop in Munich


Pictures of the Chocomob at dm shop



More pictures of the chocomob here.

More pictures of the chocolate tasting event at Tengelmann here.

Look here at the video that was broadcast in German TV:

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