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January 25, 2012

Leaves Featuring Polluters

It’s a job that could hardly be more delicate. The Spanish cut-art artist Lorenzo Durán has magicked up miniature worlds into ordinary leaves, which are not only impressive but also thought provoking. The motives were created for us by the Hamburg agency Leagas Delaney – inspired by Durán.

“The simple ideas are the most often the most fascinating. So simple is the children from Plant-for-the-Planet’s idea that in spite of the idleness of politicians, it’s possible to fight against air pollution and plant many trees all over the world. Also so simple and compelling is the idea to show what trees and their leaves directly do for us. They purify the air.” says Hermann Waterkamp, representative Executive Creative Director at Leagas Delaney.

Here you can view all the pictures from the campaign:

Here is some of the media coverage of our new campaign (in German)

Perfekt zugeschnitten: Leagas Delaney und Cut-Art-Künstler zaubern für den Naturschutz

Appell an Baumspender: Plant-for-the-Planet startet Printkampagne

Hamburgs Kreative

Leagas Delaney pflanzt mit Plant-for-the-Planet Bäume

Leagas Delaney recycelt Blätter für Plant-for-the-Planet

Lorenzo Durán unterstützt mit seiner Blätterkunst Plant-for-the-Planet

Plant-for-the-Planet ruft mit neuer Printkampagne zu Spenden auf

Cut-Art-Künstler zaubern für den Naturschutz, nachhaltig!

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