Featured image for “Plant-for-the-Planet Academia Vila do Abraão (Brasil) 31. May2012”

Plant-for-the-Planet Academia Vila do Abraão (Brasil) 31. May2012

On Ilha Grande, the “big island” this Academy took place during a climate week. We were interrupted by a heavy downpour, so we had to move to the nearby school. Heavy downpours aren’t a new topic in this area, so the people already knew about the consequences of the climate change. The Academy was organzied by our friends from Switzerland from the Top-to-top Expedition.

8:15 Registro e Brincadeira

8:45 Bemvinda

9:00 Palestra: A crise climática e Plant-for-the-Planet

10:30 Recesso

10:45 Chuva de ideias e Planejamento de ações

11:45 Presentar planos de ação

12:00 Juramento do Embaixador e Entreiga de Certificados

12:15 Fim do evento

O plantio de árvores será realizado num dia posterior.

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