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April 10, 2012

Plant-for-the-Planet Academy Cachoeira (Brazil), 10 April 2012

At the morning following the Academy in Vila de Abranteswe continued with an Academy in the city Cachoeira (which means waterfall). Cachoeira is near the mouth of the river Rio São Francisco and is one of the first places where the Protuguese permanently settled in Brazil. The Academy took place in a public school of a poor district with almost exclusively Afro-American population (descendants of Africans the Portuguese brought here).

8:00 Registro

8:15 Bemvinda
8:30 Palestra (primeira parte)
9:15 Recesso
9:30 Palestra (segunda parte)
10:15 Planejamento de ações
11:00 Presentar planos de ação e Juramento do Embaixador
11:30 Plantar árvores, fotos
12:00 Fim do evento

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