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First Plant-for-the-Planet Academy in Tapachula, Mexico

More than 60 students from 6 local schools took part in the first Plant-for-the-Planet Academy in the outskirts of Tapachula, Mexico's Southernmost city which is otherwise known as the starting point of the train "La Bestia" that takes migrants North on their dangerous journey to the United States.

The hosting school, the Preparatoria del Estado #4 is a very active school in environmental matters and has recently won a national level environmental price.

Due to the hot weather in Tapachula, the Academy started with the planting of different kinds of around 50 trees on the school grounds – ornamental, fruit trees and others. After that, three local Ambassadors who had prepared themselves ahead of the Academy gave the presentation about the climate crisis. This was followed by the world game, which was played in a big version with participants themselves representing the world population, and experiencing the unequal distribution of wealth, emissions and climate change impacts first-hand. In another exercise, the future Climate Justice Ambassadors practiced holding presentations in front of little groups of peers, receiving feedback on how to improve their technique. After a lunch break, the second part of the presentation introduced the participants and their teachers, who also took part in the day's proceedings to Plant-for-the-Planet and invited them to join. They eagerly did so, elaborating some of their ideas into action plans to be implemented after the Academy.

Local newspapers and television were present at the Academy as well as some local government officials.

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