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August 13, 2017

Summer Academy in Shingiro, Rwanda

The Academy took place on 6th of May 2017 in Shingiro, Rwanda, it was attended by 80 children from four schools.

The Academy was covered by Energy FM radio.  Energy FM is a local radio station based in Musanze. Although it’s a new radio station, Energy radio is one of the popular radios nationwide as its signal covers 85% of the country.

Emmanuel Bugingo, executive director of Partners For Conservation opened the Academy  by welcoming and thanking every participants and introducing the moderating team, he also asked children to welcome each other with a song.

He continued with the presentation about  Climate Justice. At the end of the presentation during Questions and Answers session, most of the questions raised were about taking the participants through wide explanations of CO2.

Another Climate Justice Ambassador led the World Game session: the children were divided into 4 groups according to their schools and they discussed about world population, countries richness and CO2 emissions using maps that were drawn on class blackboards.

We had a break of 15 minutes then we continued with Presentation on Training session carried out by Emmanuel Biracyaza.

After the presentation on training, we went on field which was in few seconds walk from Academy classroom for Tree Planting Session.  Before the ceremony could start, Emmanuel Bugingo indicated to children the rules in the forest as well as behaviours towards forest and trees in particularly. We planted 120 trees including 114 acacia melanoxor trees and 6 avocado trees.

Patrick Isingizwe continued with presentation on Plant-for-the-Planet. Participants were given time for questions where many questions were about the environmental clubs that they had in their schools and how Plant-for-the-Planet could help children throughout taking actions.

After all, participants spread again into four groups according to their seats for World Café and every group was sent to its own classroom. Each group was given a time limit to work on the given subject after which, the group had to rotate with another one and so on until all groups were able to contribute to all four subjects.

We had also a break of 15 minutes preparing for the World Café part two. They were spread into their groups based to their schools. This was an opportunity for students to makes plans for their own schools. Each group had to select its own leader to take the group through the discussions. After the discussions, groups were given a time to present agreed on priorities for their schools.

More photos from this day you can find in our Flickr ALBUM

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