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September 14, 2018

Trees for Peace

At the PlantAhead event in Monaco a lot of organizations pledged to support us in planting trees to reach the goal of the launched Trillion Tree Campaign. One of those is the Youth Peace Organisation Ayudh (Amma's Youth for Understanding, Diversity and Humanity).

Ayudh has already planted 3192 trees since it was founded. On the 15th of July, during the Youth Peace Summit, an annual event for 300 children and youth from more than 20 countries to network, learn from each other and plan as well as implement projects and activities, the participants planted 10 more trees.

In cooperation with the Mayor of the community Brombachtal the youth made sure to prepare the plants for a long life: The trees for example got their own pipe, which transports the water directly to its roots, and a cover against hungry animals. The community of Brombachtal also promised to also take care of all the newly-planted trees in the future – thank you!

The trees in Brombachtal were not only planted in order to fight the Climate Crisis, but to be a symbol of peace. Planting trees together builds up a peaceful relationship amongst those who are involved, and create a beautiful new surrounding area.

In general, trees are contributing to a peaceful environment as they can provide social and economic perspectives for communities and its members, and therefore prevent conflicts. To put it in a nutshell: We need to plant trees for Climate Justice!

Ayudh wants to distinguish the positive aspects of planting trees for us humans and plant thousands of more trees. The tree planting event was therefore called „Trees for Peace“. This project as well as the planting event was coordinated by different Ayudh groups from all over Europe.

If you want to plant trees in order to fight the Climate Crisis and make sure (hier kein Komma) we children and youth have a future, you can easily find and support tree planting projects and initiatives worldwide like “Trees for Peace” through trilliontreecampaign.org. This website is home of the greatest reforestation project of humankind: the Trillion Tree Campaign.

You want to get active and become a Climate Justice Ambassador? Click here and sign in for one of our next academies all over the world.


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