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March 20, 2018

Well-attended Plant-for-the-Planet Academy with 68 children in Osogbo, Nigeria

The academy commenced at exactly, 9am. The academy had in attendance participating schools, teachers, the Principal of the host school, our guests – The Secretary of Peace Corps of Nigeria, Osun state – Patriot Osukoya David and Plant for the Planet team. The welcome address delivered by the Principal of the host school in which he expressed his joy to host the academy and he informed the participants on the needs to pay attention to the lectures and urged them to ensure that they join hands with Plant-for-the-Planet to promote sustainable environment.

Prince.Olawuyi Seyi informed the participants about the Plant-for-the-Planet. The power point presentation was delivered by Miss Afolabi Deborah and supported by the program coordinator. The lectures touched the following areas:  Causes of Climate change, effects, solutions, Green houses Gases, Co2, Climate justice, objectives of the Climate Justice Ambassadors, etc. The participants were asked questions such as: How can climate change affects melting ice?  What are the initiatives that can be done by Ambassadors in their various communities?  What would happen to the environment when the poor countries were also industrialized? And many more. The program coordinator answered the questions

The participants watched film – The Man who planted Trees and they had break and engaged in World Game.  The participants were later broke into different groups in which each group did deliberate on different major topical issues and what they can do to better their communities. Aftermath, The group leaders were taught on rhetoric and how best they can present in the public.


During the Trees planting session, our participants were led to the field to plant by the Secretary the Nigeria Peace Corps, Osun state, the Principals of the host and co-moderators. We planted 5 seedlings of Malenia trees to demonstrate and the participants were urged to replicate that in their various communities.

The group presentations was done in which the group leaders informed the participants and guests about their determination to plant more trees, to promote the concepts in their schools and communities and solicit for the supports of their parents. The certificates were presented to the newly climate justice ambassadors. The participants were all happy. 

In his closing remarks, the Representative of the State, commandant of Peace Corps of Nigeria, Osun state chapter, promised to support the project and the ambassadors, he said that promotion of sustainable environment is part of the cardinal objectives of Peace Corps of Nigeria. The principal of the host school- Mr Oladipupo, the other invited guest- Pastor Adeniyi and the teachers in attendance thanked the Program coordinator for the good job. The program coordinator in his closing remarks thanked all the guests and participants for their patience. He said many academies would be done in the city of Osogbo and all Ambassadors must find time to attend. The event came to an end by 5:30pm.

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