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22 new Climate Justice Ambassadors in Curitiba

The Academy on May 20th was attended by 22 children at the Escola Municipal Senador Enéas Faria. So, as organizers and producers, we welcomed the students and then let our Climate Justice Ambassadors present the "Plant-for-the-Planet" to them, as well as how it came about, what problems it faces, and the solutions it presents, in addition to the steps taken in the Academies.

As a way to begin interacting with children, we once again proposed the icebreaker "repeat the name", we really think that this icebreaker help us to memorize some of their names and also, since they’re already in circle, this way we can organize us for iniciate the World Game by dividing them into four groups whispering in their ears numbers from 1 to 4, putting together a mixed group with a volunteer responsible for each. Everything went good with the game and the children really got interested.

In the meantime, the children went to the break and we took the opportunity to organize the next activity sorting out the brown paper, the slides and pens.

In rhetorical training, the kids sit on the floor in front of us explaining how to make a good presentation, besides the tips for a nice feedback without being uncomfortable for the one who is receiving it. Then, we slip them into pairs and trios so they could organize themselves with the slides, brown paper and the pens we lend them to make it easier to do the presentation afterwards.

The lunch break came to an end and we returned to the classroom. And then, we gathered the whole group of the World Game again to make their projects and also presentations. One of the groups projects name was “Ambitious Project” and they talked about the right spot of the trash and why planting trees is so important for us. Other group talked about our need to love the nature and take care of it, doing things like recycling and maintain their school cleaned. One of the groups was truly creative, their project name was “Plantation and Education” because they wanted to not only help out planet, but also teach other children and adults how to do it.

All the presentations went OK and finally, it was time. for them to take the title and the responsibility of being Ambassadors of Climate Justice. Finally, we asked them if they liked the day and the activities, and they answered us together with a loud and clear: yes! We delivered the certificates and they were very proud, and then, we began to say goodbye, advising them that we would see each other again getting our hand dirt and really making the difference we’re talking about all day: planting our seedlings!

Their planting was already scheduled for the next monday (May 27th), but since we had a problem with the planting of the Academy that happened at May 13th, because the principal told us they would have a presentation, and she asked us if we could do it together, so we’re going to do this way.

In the planting day, we arrived ti the school and started to plant the trees with other class. In total we planted 60 seedlings this day. Children assured us that they would take care and cultivate their seedlings and we asked if we surprised them, by visiting the school and the outside area we would see the trees alive and beautiful, and they said yes. There were 30 seedlings for this class, and at total with the other.

So, we said goodbye and took our last photo together, and then, we left.

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