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November 14, 2019

250 trees on three Academies in Ghana!

3 whole Academies took place in Ghana in September! The 1st on 23/09/2019 and the last took place on 30/09/2019. All three took place in the Northern Region of Ghana – Savelugu.

There was weeks of pre arrangements done with the various schools that participated in the different towns so each Academy could fit into the schedule and be a lot of fun.  It was a great moment for all the participating schools to be contacted for an Academy, as they felt respected and fortunate to be contacted for such an educative program.

The Academies started between 8am to 9am and ended around 5pm. We started off the program with an introduction from the team to allow the children, teachers and guest around to have an idea of the whole program and what to expect from us as well as what we wish for them to do: to become active. During each Academy we had 80 children attending, therefore there were 8 participants from 10 different schools at each Academy.

Each participant got a few small goodies during the Academy: a Plant-for-the-Planet t-shirt, a book named Tree by Tree and of course their well-deserved Climate Justice Ambassador certificate!

The most important aspect of the whole program is how the effects of the greenhouse gases affect everything on earth and how to reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We learned that Plant-for-the-Planet plants trees to serve as an additional carbon sink and also how to plant trees ourselves, take care of trees and were encourage to plant more trees. During the Academies we demonstrated how to plant with a few trees and gave the rest to the schools for them to plant later due to our time constraints.

Also the children are given the opportunity to learn the world distribution of population, income and carbon emission, they were trained to give presentations and even presented their presentation in front of parents, guests and the other participants.

The total number of trees planted during these Academies are 250 trees! During the planting we kindly were supported and provided with trees by the Forestry Commission of the district.

These 240 children during the academies actually made us see the reason why we have to train children to be Climate Justice Ambassadors actively. All three Academies were a lot of fun and very educative. We had a good reception by all the heads of the participating schools, which also enjoyed these educative Academy days!

All photos can be found here:

Savelugu, 23.09.2019

Savelugu, 26.09.2019

Savelugu, 30.09.2019


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