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An Academy in the famous historical township New Brighton

On the 02 February 2019, we had an Academy day in New Brighton, the famous historical township in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 42 children from Stephen Mazungula Primary School joined for the full day training. They were excited to become "Climate Justice Ambassadors".

The day started with an energiser for the children to get to know each other and to wake up. The ambassador talk inspired the participants especially that the two ambassadors come from their neighbourhood. The children really enjoyed all modules, especially learning about climate change in different parts of the world and sharing their opinion about it. They had so much fun with the planting party.

Every participant received a t-shirt, certificate and a personal copy of the book „Tree by Tree“. The Academy was made possible thanks to the amazing help of Bantu Mtshiselwa who was the contact person for the school. It was really amazing also to have two triathletes Climate Justice Ambassadors who were trained last year joining an Academy day for the second time, doing a presentation of how it is being a part of Plant-for-the-Planet community as an Ambassador. The great assistance from volunteers from Imveli Cycling Academy and Masifunde Learner Development was simply the best. Thanks go to the Nelson Mandela Metro who donated five trees to plant and also the school and teachers who helped on the day.

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You can find photos of the Academy here.

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