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December 16, 2019

First Academy in Abia, Nigeria!

On November 29th the Academy started at 10am with participating students from different schools, teachers, reverend sisters and others.

The school coordinator, reverend sister Lilian welcomes all the students and other reverend sisters. She introduced the project coordinator and informed the students of the importance of being a Climate Justice Ambassadors. The program coordinator, Prince Olawuyi gave his opening remark in which he urged all the participants to be attentive and ensure that they comport themselves very well. His presentation was titled: ‘Now We Children Save the World’. The lectures touched the following areas: Causes of the climate crisis, effects, solutions, greenhouse gases, Co2, climate justice, renewable energies and more about Climate Justice Ambassadors and Plant-for-the-Planet’s activities, etc.

The participating students engaged in the World Game in which issues related to countries and how they emit CO2 were demonstrated.  The participants were later divided into five different groups for the World Café in which each group did deliberate on different major topical issues such as: How they can involve media in promoting the project in Nigeria, how they can organize tree planting party´s in their communities and schools and deliberation on how best they involve their parents and friends in the project. The groups were happy to read out the outcomes of their groups’ deliberations. The participants agreed to launch clubs in their respective schools, engage media houses and open a Facebook page.

Certificates were later presented to the participants. In his closing remarks, the program coordinator – Prince Olawuyi urged the participants to be an active Climate Justice Ambassador in their various school and community. He thanked the invited schools and the host school for providing the platform to organize the event.  The principal of the host school also thanked Plant-for-the-Planet and promised that her students will put everything they have learnt into practice.

The host school later embarked on a community sensitization rally to mark Global Action on the Climate Crisis. Here, they trooped out to educate the Nbawsi community on the needs to plant more trees and embrace the use of renewable energies. The event came to an end at 5pm.

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