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November 27, 2019

Let’s Build Solar Power Plants in the Deserts!

In order to combine the solutions to the climate crisis with the necessary global cooperation, we lauched Go for Climate. The idea was to approach each other from Europe and Africa and meet at eye level in Morocco. Go for Climate activist Camilla has reached Ouarzazate and held an intercontinental workshop with enthusiastic climate activists from Africa.

The highlight: they visited the Noor solar power plant, a pioneer in using the sun in the desert to generate energy. All participants share one vision: electricity from the desert for everyone, even in Europe!

In Morrocco, Camilla also planted trees: peach, apple, almond and pomegranate trees are now growing in the oasis of Ouarzazate. The climate activists, pupils, farmers and other locals joined Camilla's planting action. The local climate activists are planning further reforestation activities in the region in cooperation with Plant-for-the-Planet.

None of this would have been possible without the great support and participation of all our partners and contributors. Many thanks!

#goforclimate does not end with the end of Camilla trek. Our initiative for global solutions in the cliamate crises will go on and can be followed on www.goforclimate.org an the related social media channels.

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