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November 14, 2019

Nigeria just got more Climate Justice Ambassadors

The Academy commenced at exactly, 8:15am. There were students from the invited schools, teachers, invited guests and other people participating.

Mr.Ayodele Adeleke, member of the Plant-for-the-Planet Team, who anchored the program, introduced the invited Ambassadors, the Program coordinator and the invited schools. The Principal of the host school represented – Mr. Rasaq gave his opening remark. The invited ambassadors were: Praise and Darasimi. The two of them handled the presentation with the topic: “Now We Children Save the World”. The lecture touched the following areas: causes of the Climate Crisis as well as effects, solutions; Green houses Gases, Co2, Climate Justice, Renewable Energies and more about Climate Justice Ambassadors and Plant-for-the-Planet’s activities. The program coordinator afterwards explained some technical terms to the participants. Few questions were asked by the students which included questions like: What will happen if there are no more trees? What are the causes of earthquakes?

Later the participating students got engaged in the World Game in which issues related to countries and how they emit CO2 were demonstrated.  The participants later broke into four different groups for the World Café in which each group deliberated on different major issues such as: How they can involve media in promoting the project in Nigeria, how they can organize a tree planting party in their communities and schools and deliberation on how best they involve their parents and friends in the project. The groups were happy to read out the outcomes of their deliberations. During the groups’ presentations some outstanding students who were eloquent and comport themselves excellently were identified.

During the Trees planting session the participants were taught how to plant. Furthermore they got informed about the importance of tree planting, the best time to plant and the essence of tree planting. The students were happy to get involved into the tree planting. Fruit seedlings trees were used for a little tree planting demonstration.

The participants were happy to share what they have gained during the Academies. The teachers also shared their experiences. In the end Certificates were presented to the participants who then officially became Climate Justice Ambassadors. In his closing remarks the program coordinator Prince Olawuyi Seyi urged the participants to ensure that they keep promoting the concept in their various communities. A group photo was taken and the event came to an end.

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