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Second Academy in Pasto

On 25th of April the second Plant-for-the-Planet Academy taken place in Pasto Colombia!

It was supported by the Secretariat of Gender Equity and Social Inclusion and the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Government of Nariño. The Academy has happened thanks to our Program Coordinator in Colombia – Xiomara Acevedo Navarro.

On the Academy day 15 trees were planted and 30 children participated in the program and become certified Climate Justice Ambassadors. Ambassadors in Pasto will be responsible for replicating there initiatives in several sectors of the city, motivating their colleagues, neighbours, friends and family to belong to this global movement.

Read the report in Spanish here.

More Pictures of the Academy.

You want to become a Climate Justice Ambassador as well? Great! Check here the next dates in your region.

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