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January 30, 2019

Two Academies in South Africa in three days!

On the 24th of November, the participants of Imveli cycling Academy where invited to join the Plant-for-the-Planet Academy. The young triathletes had the great opportunity to learn more about the climate crisis that is threatening their future.

We want to thank the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro for sponsoring 30 trees. Furthermore Mr Lukholo Badi and his team earn our honor for making this Academy possible.

As the children already have eco-friendly activities such as cycling, this day empowered them to inspire their township and the entire Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. They learned how to present solutions for the environmental problems that their township has to face.

The participants were assigned a very important task: planting 15 trees. The children had many innovative ideas to water these plants. After that, the kids nominated 6 outstanding ambassadors to lead their projects.

Already two day later, the next Plant-for-the-Planet Academy took place in the only primary school in the rural areas of Uitenhage called KwaZakhele. 5 Climate Justice Ambassadors from the Imveli Cycling Academy cycled 32km in order to give the opening presentation to the participants. During an environmental talk with Mr. Mlulami Basi from the Mandela Bay Metro, he explained them how they can teach each other to plant trees. The children learned how important it is, to plant indigenous trees. The planting party was a huge success, because the children were able to plant 15 trees.

It was a great achievement for them to be appointed as Climate Justice Ambassadors, for the school and their community. They chose 5 ambassadors who will join the other ambassador representatives in Port Elizabeth to jointly speak to other children and adults in the city to create awareness for the climate crisis. They already formed a Climate Justice Club to continue planting trees in order to live in a better environment.

Do you want to become a Climate Justice Ambassador? Then enroll now! Click here to see the upcoming Academies in your area.

Follow this link to see the pictures of the Academy.

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