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February 6, 2020

56 children learn about the Climate Crisis

The Academy on October 28th was attended by 56 children at the Escola Municipal Vila Torres. When we arrived, the principal brought one class of the little ones and asked if we could do the academies with them too (they’re about 6 years old). Since they were already there, we had the material and four more volunteers this day, we said OK. The day passed too fast and we were very successful in all activities, although the children were very agitated.

We managed to do the world game, the rhetorical practice and the projects for their school. We didn’t have time to deliver their certificates though. However, since we were waiting to receive the t-shirts too, we agreed with them that when we could send them both together.   

On the planting day, December 4th, we arrived at the school earlier because we wanted to do a Cleaning Action around it. There were already 140 seedlings and their respective holes at the combined spot, and it was 3 p.m when the staff of the Secretary of the Environment and the Municipal Guard arrived to help us conduce the students. There were some teachers and the school’s articulator also joined us, plus we had the help of our seven volunteers. We beat the record of volunteers this time. Everything was perfect! The vice Mayor also come and told the kids the importance of what they were doing, and they loved to get their hands dirty.

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