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February 24, 2020

In Brazil, Nepal and India, We Are so Strong!

The year 2020 is still young, but we have already trained more than 800 children, mainly in three countries.

In Brazil, we planted more than 400 trees with children in Alta Floresta.

In India, our Program Coordinator Dharmendra Kapri does a wonderful word. In 2018 and 2019, he has already organized 20 Academies, focussing on rural areas in India. This is how he helped to empower more than 1,500 Climate Justice Ambassadors. He very much enjoys working with the children and youth, and it's visible that he manages to inspire them to take climate action!

Dharmendra not only is active in his country, but helps to develop Plant-for-the-Planet's global strategy. As member of the Global Board, he works on Plant-for-the-Planet's core initiatives.

Help us to give young people like Dharmendra the opportunity to empower children and youth in their country and raise awareness of the importance of taking climate action, planting trees and influencing decision makers.