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February 24, 2020

Sports For Future!

The students from the International School of Trieste, Italy, had each to run 100 km over a 5 month period and finished with a big race. They raised over 1000 euros for charities. 

To decide which organization should get the money, the students were asked to research and present about a charity. They presented about 17 different charities over a three week period, and then voted for their favorite three presentations. Among the winning charities was Plant-for-the-Planet. Thanks to all the wonderful children who have joined and all supporting grown-ups.

In Italy, Plant-for-the-Planet has been active for many years now. In our Plant-for-the-Planet Italia group on Facebook, we discuss upcoming activities. Two outstanding young Climate Justice Ambassadors, Giovanni and Ariane, received a very special honor. Italian President Sergio Mattarella awarded them the prize "Alfiere della Repubblica", which means "To the Honour of the State ". Since 2010, a maximum of 30 young people per year have been awarded this prize in Italy for their social, solidarity and societal commitment.

And, of course, we have already empowered many children as Climate Justice Ambassadors at our Academies, like here in Gerdone Riviera. Please support our work in Italy and many other countries with a donation!