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March 24, 2020

Three wonderful Academies in Ibadan, Nigeria!

On March 11th, 14th and ealier this year on February 22nd three Academies took place in Ibadan, Nigeria. In the early morning hours nearly erveryone of the participants were already gathered and ready to join the Plant-for-the-Planet Academy. Due to this lucky circumstance the Team was able to start the Academy right in time at 9 Am. Students as well as teachers were invited to connect to each other and deepen their knowledge in climate crisis issues at the Academy.

(Academy on February 22nd)

(Academy on March 3rd)

(Academy on March 14th)

Mr Ayodele Adeleke, member of the Plant-for-the-Planet Team Ibadan, introduced all participants, teachers and schools to the Plant-for-the-Planet Academy team, the invited Climate Justice Ambassadors and the Program Coordinator. Afterwards the aforementioned Climate Justice Ambassadors Victoria Adetona and Darasimi held the intro-presentation “Now we children save the world”.

Issues such as CO2, climate justice, possible solutions for the climate crisis as well as the role of the Climate Justice Ambassadors and Plant-for-the-Planet’s activities were mentioned in the presentation. The Program Coordinator contributed to the presentations as well to explain some technical terms and few things, omitted by the Climate Justice Ambassadors. In conclusion a few questions were asked by the participants like the difference between forestation and afforestation. The Program Coordinator answered those questions respectively.

In the next step the participants engaged in the world game in which the different amounts of CO2 emitted by the countries as well as the global wealth distribution were demonstrated.

For the World Café the participants were divided into four different groups. Each group deliberated on different major issues such as: How they can involve media in promoting the project in Nigeria, how they can organize tree planting party in their communities, form a local club and how to involve their parents and friends in the project. The participants were happy to present the outcomes of their deliberations to the other groups.

Some very dedicated students prepared parts of the beginning presentation during the World Café to present them to the other participants as a team.

In the tree planting session the participants were taught how to plant a tree. Main issues were the importance of tree planting, the best time to plant them and the essence of tree planting. The participants were happy to involve in the tree planting activities. Mostly fruit and cashew trees were planted during the session.

The participants were happy to share the knowledge they had gained during the Academy. As well as the students, the participating teachers shared their impressions with each other. The Academy ended with the graduation of the new Climate Justice Ambassadors by handing out their well deserved certificates. In his closing remarks, the Program Coordinator Prince Olawuyi Seyi urged the participants to ensure that they keep promoting the concept in their various communities. After the group photograph was taken, an interesting day had come to an end.

A huge thanks to all the helpers around the venue and tree planting event. Without their support the Academies would not have been possible!

You can find all photos taken in the following links to remember this beautiful day.

(Academy on Febuary 22nd)

(Academy on March 11rd)

(Academy on March 14th)

Do you want to become a Climate Justice Ambassador yourself? Click here to join and find an Acamdemy in your area.