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December 21, 2020
Sagar Aryal

Here come the Tree Certificates: In Time for Christmas!

Last week we shared our journey of building our App 2.0. If you haven’t read it already, you can find it here.

Today, we are very excited to bring a small yet much-requested feature. The Tree Certificates!

Whether you plant trees in Yucatan with Plant-for-the-Planet, in the US with American Forests, in Malawi with Wells for Zoe, or any other of the 130+ projects in 40+ countries, you will now receive a tree certificate.

Most excitingly, at certain times of the year, our certificates have a special theme. If you donate right now, you will get a ‘Happy Holidays’ certificate. That’s our way of encouraging you all to gift trees to your loved ones!

Many of you are already familiar with Plant-for-the-Planet’s tree vouchers and tree certificates. However, we’ve made some changes. Firstly, until now, they were only available for Plant-for-the-Planet projects. Now they are available for all projects participating in our platform. We have also discarded the concept of voucher since many people misunderstood those to mean that trees are only planted if the voucher is redeemed on our site. What used to be a voucher is now also simply a certificate. 

All tree donations will be planted regardless of whether you redeem the code or not. This has always been the case.

This means, redeeming the code simply adds the trees to your profile so you can keep track of them. With a Plant-for-the-Planet Account, monitoring your trees is now even easier.

Christmas themed Tree Certificate

As a Tree Donor, you will always receive a tree certificate. This applies even if the donation is a tree-gift. If you donate without creating an account, you can follow the link on the certificate to create an account and add trees to it.

For Gift Donations, another certificate with a unique link will be sent to your gift recipient so they can create an account of their own and track the trees you have gifted.

If you have any comments, or would like to contribute in the development of the apps, please contact us at: support[at]plant-for-the-planet.org or Visit us on GitHub.

Plant-for-the-Planet App is a commission-free and open-source software built to accelerate the Trillion Tree Campaign. You can support our team with a donation here.