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January 28, 2021

Forest Restoration Dr. Leland Werden

Last Saturday, January, 23rd our first Talk in our new series „Youth Summit Talks“ took place.

What’s new?

The “Youth Summit Talks” are a new platform for youth and adults (age +15) to learn more about climate-related topics and to meet other climate activists from all over the world. The Talks will always be 2 hours and consist of a presentation/speech by a scientists/negotiator/policy maker etc. with a Q&A session. Followed by a workshop and some networking time.

Our first presenter: Dr. Leland Werden

Dr. Leland Werden is a Restoration Ecologist who focuses on developing tools to conserve and restore degraded forests. His work has spanned ecosystems from the temperate forests of the Northeastern United States, to the tropical wet and dry forests of Costa Rica and Hawaii. He is currently a postdoc at the University of Hawaii where he is working to improve the outcomes of critically endangered Hawaiian plant reintroductions.

Director of Science at Plant-for-the-Planet

Leland will be starting a position as the Director of Science at Plant-for-the-Planet in March 2021. In his Talk he shared an overview about his previous research in Costa Rica and talked about future plans and research projects at our planting area on the Yucatán Peninsula and in the state of Mexico.

Future of Restoration at Plant-for-the Planet – 3 areas of focus

  1. Increase reforestation biodiversity and restore ecosystem function
    • (31:22 minute)
  2. Expand the long-term monitoring program and integrate new technology
    • (33:30 minute)
  3. Build collaborations with local governmental organizations
    • (37:15 minute)

You missed the Talk or want to watch it again? Click the Link below.

If you only have a few minutes:

Here is a list with the topics and when it can be found in the video:

  1. Leland’s previous and current research 0:20 minute
  2. Location of the planting and research area in Mexico 27:40 minute
  3. Future restoration at our planting area in Mexico 29:30 minute

The next Youth Summit Talk will be in March. We will update you about the date and time soon!

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