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January 31, 2022

Bye Bye Fees. Introducing Bank Transfers for Donate with Plant-for-the-Planet

Few years ago, we started building fundraising tools for forest restoration projects. Our goal was simple. We aimed to reduce transactions costs and make the platform commission free so more of your donation goes directly to actions on the ground.

With the general launch of Donate with Plant-for-the-Planet, today we are much closer to that goal becoming a reality of no fees for donation.

When you make donations with Credit Cards/ Sofort or PayPal, payment providers/banks like Stripe and PayPal often take certain cut of the donation.

These transaction fees appear in range of 1-3% + around 30 cents per transaction. Even if they seem small, they are still significant. When one of our generous donor made a 50,000 Euro donation earlier this year using GiroPay, the fees for processing transaction was alone over 700 Euros. And when you make a donation of an Euro, around 20-49 cents go directly to the payment providers.

That’s expensive!!!

When processing millions of Donations, every percent counts.

To solve this problem, we automated the cheapest and also quite popular method of payments in Germany. The Bank Transfer.

When you are in the Final step of your donation, you can now select Bank Transfer as a preferred method of your Donation Payment. In this process we generate a unique reference ID, that we use to automatically reconcile the donation payment.

Once you make a transfer, the donation gets matched automatically and you will receive a confirmation of your donation generally within 1-5 days of your transfer.

Where are you going to donate next? Visit https://pp.eco for some inspiration.