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February 4, 2022

Our new features for the best donation experience

As an NGO we rely on donations to plant trees all over the world. We also do our best every day to perform as well as possible in every area of our work. Today we bring you some updates on our donation process that will help you to have a more personalized and smooth experience when making a donation. Those updates are presented in this article. 

What’s new?

We established the option of recurrent donations! From now on, you don’t have to set up an alarm to remind yourself to make a new donation – you simply can choose the option “monthly” or “yearly” in our new donating form.  

To give you the most power over your donation, we also unlocked a new section in your profile called “recurrency” which is the central hub of your donation activities. Here you can modify all settings for your donation like the chosen frequency. You also have insights on the status, the date of donation and the project you are supporting. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to edit, pause or cancel your donation on your own. The power is in your hand!

There’s more 

We updated our WebApp donation interface. The so-called “Donate with Plant-for-the-Planet” interface is an updated version of the old donation form but comes with a more dynamic and smoother design. A cool feature that comes along with this interface is the abandoned necessity to enter the email of a person if you want to gift trees to someone. Gifting trees, therefore, becomes an even cooler and more surprising present since the receiver won’t get a notification beforehand anymore. If you still want them to be notified about the tree-gift, you can enter the email address as you used to.

That’s the news for today. Stay tuned for further updates that will simplify your life!