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April 21, 2022

New Plant-for-the-Planet Advisory Board for Restoration established in Constitución.

In early April, we had a little celebration in our office in Constitución in Southern Mexico: The newly established Plant-for-the-Planet Mexico Advisory Board met there for the first time on April 4th, 2022. This board consists of nine experts who will advise our team on how to further improve the restoration and forest protection activities in the future. Among them, for example, is the Minister of the Environment of the Federal State of Campeche, where Plant-for-the-Planet founded its own restoration project in 2015 and which has meanwhile expanded to include seven areas of forests of varying degrees of degradation. Another site is being added this year.

Another member of the Advisory Board is the Director of the INIFAP research institute in Quintana Roo. Plant-for-the-Planet already agreed to work closely with this institution last year. The same applies to the Balam-ku nature reserve, whose Director is also represented in the Advisory Board.

Here is the full list of Plant-for-the-Planet Mexico’s new Advisory Board:

This Advisory Board works independently of our Restoration Supervision Expert Board, which currently consists of four renowned external restoration experts who supervise both the planning and implementation of our restoration efforts in Mexico.