August 29, 2007

A success story: The student initiative Plant-for-the-Planet

Toyota is one of the leading automotive manufacturers promoting environmental responsibility, not only by producing hybrid cars but also by their engagement in environmental projects. With a network of 630 dealers in Germany, Toyota will help to spread the idea of the student network Plant-for-the-Planet. Keiji Sudo, president of Toyota Germany stated: "We have to reduce the CO2 emissions drastically. During the next fifteen years the number of cars will approximately increase by about 40%. At the same time the oil production will reach its peak." To compensate for unavoidable emissions, Toyota has been doing forestry projects for several years – since August also in cooperation with the student network Plant-for-the-Planet.

From August 26th – 30th the TUNZA youth conference took place, organised by Bayer and the United Nations. Felix Finkbeiner from the Plant-for-the-Planet team promised Achim Steiner the UNEP's executive: "The students in Germany take responsibility for their future by planting one million trees. Thereby we contribute one thousandth to the worldwide target of one billion trees. One thousandth is not very much, however, we also have to attend school during the week. "

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