September 21, 2007

Youth plant at the Tunza International Youth Conference

130 young participants of the Tunza International Youth Conference in Leverkusen, Germany met for a tree planting event on their last day of the conference in the Edith-Weide street in Leverkusen nearby a forest.

As part of the "Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign" they planted 200 trees (50 commonoaks, 20 hornbeams, 100 commonbeeches, 30 wildcherries). The trees were planted in such a way that from above they might one day suggest the Earth with their different leaf colours. That will take time, however.


"It will be an attractive copse in twenty years," said the forest warden who was the expert overseeing the tree-planting act. Svenja von Gierke from the Global Marshall Plan Initiative who are supporting the Plant-for-the-Planet Initiative, German schools have started in February 2007 encouraged the young people in her speech to plant in their own countries and schools. The young participants of the conference enjoyed the planting and promised to include tree planting initiatives in their projects back home.


Source: UNEP

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