October 12, 2009

100,000 trees for Unterhaching – the first 100 were already planted

After the Plant-for-the-Planet Academy in Unterhaching 12-year-old Alina summarized: "We are 30 children out of five schools who came together to the academy of Unterhaching, we agreed to plant 100,000 trees until the end of 2012. Today we planted the first 100 trees. We also learned a lot about the crises ahead of us that we will have to solve. On November 11, between 2.30 and 5.00 we will meet again with many of our friends and we will plant the next 400 trees in Unterhaching."

All of the 30 children promised to do their very best to give a presentation per month in their schools as well as in schools in the neighborhood. The local company Develey invited the children to host their academy in their communication center where normally only adults meet. The same did the mayor of Unterhaching who hosted the children in the plenary room where the city parliament holds its sessions.

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