October 12, 2009

Plant-for-the-Planet in 70 seconds

Liam Felsch gave an impressive 70 second statement on Friday 11 September 2009 in the city hall in Munich addressing 500 adults at the conference "Nachhaltigkeit trotz(t) Krise." Each speaker had 99 seconds. Liam was the only child and Liam was the only speaker not to exceed the time limit. In a few seconds Liam explained what it is all about.

Watch on YouTube

Ellen Weller, a participant, wrote afterwards: "You have been fabulous! You did a great job, very professional and cogenial. I was impressed by your aplomb when the moderator wantey you to take the microphone […] You presented the Plant-for-the-Planet message in only 70 seconds in a very impressive and effictive way like none of the other (adult) speakers! […] My compliments and respect for this achievement – you are a superb Climate Ambassador!"

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