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November 26, 2011

Plant-for-the-Planet Academy Las Palmas (Spain), 26 November 2011

With the beginning of the 42nd day of the tree (Dia del Árbol), Profor, the Spanish association of forest officials and the island’s government of Gran Canaria have organized the first Plant-for-the-Planet Academy with 80 children from all parts of the volcanic island. Also the president José Miguel Bravo de Laguna was present, his grandson became a Climate Justice Ambassador as well. The president promised to the children to plant 500 ha trees in the next 4 years. All the time present was also María del Mar Arévalo  who is a councelor in the island’s council and has invited Felix officially to the island.

At the end of the academy, the island’s government invited the newly empowered Climate Justice Ambassadors and 100 selected personalities to a conference. There, Felix presented his 3-point-plan for Gran Canaria. the island shall become the greenest island in the world:

11. 1. Following the rule that every world citizen has to plant 150 trees, Gran Canaria has to plant 110 million until 2020. Out of these, 10 millionen should be planted on the island and the missing 100 millionen could be planted in Africa, supporting the Great Green Wall project. 

2. The island’s goverment shall ban all fossile energies from the island. No cars with fossile motors shall be accepted but only cars with electric drive.

3. Also the energy production shall reach a level of 100% of energy sources suitable for children, mainly wind- and solar energy.

 The audience, the President, the councelor for environment and the children gave applaus for minutes. Later, goverment representatives and environment organizations discussed the proposition together with Felix: No decision shall be taken any more that is not suitable for children.

Then, on Sunday, 28th November, 500 children planted trees in honor of Wangari Maathai. Together with the president and the councelor of environment they inaugurated a remembrance board made out of cypress wood for the Nobel peace prize laureat.


Here you find Felix´s speech honoring Wangari Maathai

Here you find a video about the conference



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