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Plant-for-the-Planet Academy Nairobi (Kenia), 16 July 2011

Although Nehemia had already explained to Gregor that Kayole Soweto is one of the worst slums in Nairobi, we were all shocked when we finally arrived in the Kwawatoto Centre. All over the street – dusty and bumpy field roads – there was plastic garbage and wastewater. Upon seeing these harsh living conditions, one can understand why there would be so much suffering and disease.


Nonetheless, we enjoyed a highly successful Academy with over 1.000 children participating. They  listened intently and gave great input after my presentation. Although the Kayole Community Centre was filled to bursting point, all the participants were quiet and concentrated very well during the event. Considering the large number of people, we would not have expected this. This event was made possible thanks to the excellent preparation and commitment of Nehemia, director of Kwawatoto Center, and his colleagues.

The day before ,we met Faridosa (13) and her sister Asha (21), two girls who live in the Korogocho slum. Both have successfully fought against female genital cutting and forced marriage in the last few years. After their first meeting with Plant-for-the-Planet they wanted to become active. Yesterday, Faridosa already translated my presentation. Together, Faridosa and Asha want to organize as many Academies as possible in the near future.

Consequently, our trip to Kenya was very successful and we met many new fellow campaigners.

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