Featured image for “Plant-for-the-Planet Academy Valley of Thousand Hills (South Africa), 24 July 2011”

Plant-for-the-Planet Academy Valley of Thousand Hills (South Africa), 24 July 2011

In the remote hills around one hour from Durban in the Indigo Skate Camp, we enjoyed one of the coolest Academies so far. In a traditional roundhouse, Flurina and I explained why we came to Africa. The presentations given by the working groups were presented by the skaters in the skate pool and produced great results! Our concept is working everywhere. Before we left many South Africans recommended that we adapt our concept to better suit the children in the countryside. We decided not to change it. Afterwards the skaters gave me a super cool skateboard with inscription “Power to the Planet”. Part of the group performed a Zulu dance for us in the half pipe, while the others skated around them. Cool!

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