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11 year old boy organizes his first Academy on Sardinia

On July 2nd 2012 the first Academy on Sardinia took place. It was organized by only 11 year old Giovanni from Sassari. Giovanni is thoroughly committed to establishing Plant-for-the-Planet in Italy and therefore starts with his own Academy on Sardinia. As he did not find any local sponsor who could support the Academy, he installed a stand there and then at a festival in the city of Sassari and could collect 300 euros at one weekend to support the Academy financially.
After the Academy in Sassari Giovanni travelled to the Academy in Genoa on July 17th to empower another 12 children to become Climate Justice Ambassadors.



Giovanni tells about his experiences:

“The Academy took place on the 2nd of June 2012 at Parco di Bunnari, Sassari. Parco di Bunnari is a protected area that belongs to the municipality of Sassari. The choice of the venue for the Academy is due to the fact that the schools in town were not available during the week-end. The Parco di Bunnari is manged by a cooperative that provides catering services at the Park, in a restaurant room. For this reason to use the room we had to book it paying for the catering. To this purpose we had to raise the necessary money through voluntary collections. The municipality of Sassari gave us the opportunity to make a collection during an important event in the town centre, with many people.In that occasion we raised all the money needed for the Academy (around 300 euros).

Through a campain in the schools (6 school visited) to promote the Academy we were able to involve 24 children with 3 moderators (2 primary school teachers and 1 volunteer).

The parents were invited to spend the all day at the park, in case they liked it. In any case they were asked to be present at 18.00 for the Group presentations. Unfortunately, none of the parents spent the whole day at the Academy.

During the afternoon the World Café took place. The children under the supervision of the moderators were very interested and worked with dedication to the four following topics:

  1. How to involve our parents, friend and schoolmates.
  2. How to organize a tree planting
  3. How to involve the media
  4. How to save energy a home

 The children worked in groups each dealing with all the four topics.

Tree planting took place at 17.30. Each child was given a tree to plant in the holes previously made by the park’s operators.

Afterwards the workgroup’s presentations took place, at the presence of all the parents.

The children presented in turn the ideas come out during the workgroups sharing with their parents  the experience of the Academy. Finally, we handed the certificates on.”

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