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August 1, 2012

Two specialists strengthen our foundation

The office, the founder family and the members of the Global Board are pleased that two declared professionals will support our work in the future. The foundation council nominated two more persons to the board of the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation as per August 1, 2012. Members of the board are now

1. Michael Durach for the area commerce and Marketing, www.develey.de
2. Oliver Fendt for the area IT, www.studentenwohnheime-muc.de
3. Frithjof Finkbeiner, vision, strategy, PR
4. Christian Grünler, CEO, and sole full-time member of board

More about them:

Michael Durach



For many years already Michael Durach and the company Develey have supported Plant-for-the-Planet. From 2013 on we want to sell the “Change Chocolate” worldwide after the success in Germany. On the interior the children will direct varying messages to the adults. Other selected products will follow. The commerce experience of Michael Durach and his expertise in marketing are very important to us.

More about him:

Michael Durach was born in 1967 in Munich and completed his business studies in 1992. After his studies he gained practical experience in the consumer goods industry before he joined the well established company Develey Senf & Feinkost.

He held positions in distribution and marketing and was then nominated managing director in 1999. Develey produces mustard and delicatessen with locations in several European countries.


Oliver Fendt



Many of our processes have worked on the software of Oliver Fendt already since Plant-for-the-Planet was founded. We have to improve many more processes in IT in order to prepare our organization for future tasks. This is why mainly Oliver Fendt will influence our work in the coming weeks because we will have to pass through an intensive process of reorganization.

Still in 2012 we want to be done with the reorganization.

More about him:

Oliver Fendt was born in 1966 into a typical entrepreneurial family. He experienced jet-set in his youth as well as the downs of the bankruptcy of his parents’ company.


Early on he was fascinated by computers At the age of 16 he developed his first text program which was commercially distributed. At 18 with Commodore he developed an accounting program for the Commodore Amiga. As a pioneer of the beginnings he also had to develop himself document administration, internet server etc.


Today he administrates four student dormitories in Munich and also is in charge of their entire technical infrastructure.


Since Plant-for-the-Planet has existed he has consulted us in technology and actively helped us. For years Plant-for-the-Planet has been using his program systems for accounting and invoicing as well as his knowledge of installing telephone systems, branch networking etc.

We appreciate the extensive knowledge beyond existing standards and hope for innovative solutions in the near future also in our organization.

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