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November 28, 2012

Giovanni starts Planting Party in Sassari

Giovanni, a very active Climate Justice Ambassador from Sassari (Sardinia, Italy) organized a great planting event:

“At the heart of the city, between a shopping center and one of the oldest churches in Sassari, we identified a vacant 1,000 m2 plot of land and planted 10 trees there to begin with, with the idea of turning it into a small urban garden.

While we planted the trees, a curious neighbor asked us who we were and then offered to lend a hand in keeping it clean. Let’s hope so!
On the occasion of the Trees Festival (“Festa degli alberi”), the municipality organized the event “A Tree for Every Newborn Child”, where 101 trees plus one for Plant-for-the-Planet were planted.”
Watch here the pictures of the great planting event:

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